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Google Glass reality specs could help lose weight

Google Glass reality specs could help lose weight

Google glasses could be used to lose weight as research reveals that the augmented reality glasses can make portion sizes seem bigger. University of Tokyo researchers created software to be used with the augmented reality headsets, making food portion sizes appear much bigger to the person wearing it. If the process is reversed food portions appear smaller, encouraging an increased appetite.

The research indicated that food portions were reduced by up to 10 per cent just by wearing the headset. Reversing the process could increase appetite up to 15 per cent. Laboratory tests were conducted at the Hirose- Tanikawa laboratory at Tokyo University. To reduce appetite the food was magnified to 1.5 times its original size and to boost appetite the food was magnified to two thirds of its original state. One team member, Takuji Narumi said:

“This technology can stimulate a feeling of having eaten enough visually. We’ve found that when food looks bigger, you feel full right away, but when it looks small, you don’t feel full even if you eat a lot.”

The research was launched following studies of obesity in the US where obesity affects 35.9 per cent of people. The studies revealed that packaging and plate sizes affected how much food was eaten. It is hoped that the system may be developed to be used at home in the future to encourage healthier eating options.
Google is continually looking to the future with constant developments. Some of these could affect the search engine optimisation of a business website, which is why the SEO campaign has to be monitored closely.

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