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Google analytics

Google finally releases a built-in landing page report in GA4

Google analytics

Google finally releases a built-in landing page report in GA4

Google has finally released a brand-new report in GA4 that allows you to see the most popular landing pages on your website. It appears likely that Google has seen many Google Analytics users setting up custom landing page reports, leading to them including this feature within the GA4 platform.

Back in July, we wrote a blog on how to create a landing page report in the new GA4 platform*. At this time, Google hadn’t included this report in the GA4 platform, and it didn’t look like Google would release a built-in report, as GA4 focuses more on events rather that tracking pageviews and sessions like Universal Analytics.

This all changed in the last week, with Google finally deciding to release a built-in report to allow users of Google Analytics to see a landing page report in the GA4 platform.

What is the landing page report used for?

The landing page report in Google Analytics enables you to see how effective your landing pages are on your website, allowing users to test and optimise landing pages to see if your they get more views. It’s also useful to find out if any pages on your website need better optimisation to increase traffic from search engines.

Don’t forget that from July, you will no longer be able to use the old universal analytics platform, which will stop recording visitors to your site, with Google Analytics only recording traffic in the GA4 platform. So, make sure you get your online marketing or website hosting company to install GA4 on your website.

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