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AI elephant using Facebook

Google figureheads weigh in on AI-generated images

AI elephant using Facebook

Google figureheads weigh in on AI-generated images

Two high-ranking Google employees have been discussing the uses and possibilities of images generated by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, raising questions regarding the use of such technology in Google’s future.

AI software such as DALL-E has been increasing in popularity in recent months, allowing users to create a variety of random images across a wide range of different subjects. In a recent episode of Google’s Search Off The Record podcast, John Mueller and Lizzi Sassman chewed over the potential of using AI imagery in search results and other Google features.

When asked about the idea of using AI images for Google’s own websites, Mueller said:

“That would be an exciting move.”

However, concerns were raised over the limitations of AI image technology, including whether the libraries from which these images are formed are advanced enough to be included in prominent Google features.

Currently, Google is okay with the use of AI-generated images on websites, and it’ll be interesting to see if this remains the case as AI images become more advanced and popular across the internet as a whole. Perhaps in the coming years, there’s a chance that every Google search will be accompanied by its very own artificial intelligence imagery that will help users to visualise the thoughts and ideas that they put into Google.

In contrast, written content that is automatically generated by AI is often viewed as spam by Google due to its ability to manipulate search results. While not all AI-driven content is barred by Google, for SEO purposes this style of content is often seen as undesirable.

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