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Google faces ban on French news

Google faces ban on French news

Search engine giant Google is set to introduce a ban of French newspapers if a law to charge search engine companies for the right to display news articles is passed. The proposal, which has been nicknamed the ‘Google law’, is being led by newspapers in France, which favour such a tax. The motion has similarities to a law which is being considered in Germany. Newspaper owners in France believe that publishing of their content by Google will compromise copyrights and revenue.

Fleur Pellerin, the high technology minister in France spoke in an interview with newspaper Le Figaro, saying that idea is being considered by the French government. She added that unity for the idea would strengthen Europe. The culture minister in France, Aurelie Filippetti confirmed that it seemed to be important for her to develop the idea, while speaking to a parliamentary commission. According to a letter from Google to a number of officials in France, the search engine’s existence would be threatened by a law like this. The letter from Google was also published online. The director of public policy in France for Google, Olivier Esper said that the company believed that the law would cause significant damage to the internet.

As SEO uses news content for sites, such a measure could be damaging for those companies which operate or have an interest in France. Search engine optimisation requires original content based on the latest news. A number of companies with an online presence, including those in Chester could be affected if the French law is passed.

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