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Google executive predicts future based on science fiction

Google executive predicts future based on science fiction

Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, spoke of a future that sounded like science fiction while attending CeBIT, the largest high tech fair in the world.

Schmidt reminisced about Star Trek and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, with some of the creations invented by the writers now a reality. He specified electronic books, voice recognition and translation in particular, as they are all now firmly ensconced in today’s world.

Elaborating, Schmidt went on to mention that predictions of virtual reality, cars which drive themselves and intelligent robots becoming everyday objects are now a reality. A prediction made by Schmidt was that disease outbreaks would be predicted by doctors before they occurred, and economic crisis would become a thing of the past, as governments would recognise it before it happened.

The tech fair was held in Hanover, in the north of Germany, with 70 countries having exhibits at the fair, 4200 in total. The main focus of the fair was cloud computing possibilities and “managing trust”, which refers to Internet security. Giants of the world of technology will be presenting future gadgets useful for work, while also presenting some gadgets intended for fun. Two of the main highlights were a car which can alter its size to aid parking in a tight space, while another display shows how lunch can be made by a computer.

Google is always at the head of the game of new technology, which is why it’s imperative that the SEO campaign of any business is kept one step ahead of the competition, whether in Germany or Merseyside

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