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Google employees compete for GBike

Google employees compete for GBike

The Mountain View campus in California is so large that Google employees are provided with bicycles to travel around from one building to another. In 2011, Google decided that it was time to replace the existing bikes with something unique to Google itself, which is why the company launched a competition for its workforce.

The aim of the competition was to design a bicycle which is affordable and simple to produce, while considering security and comfort of the bike. Of course, as the bike was to be designed by Google innovators, it was expected to offer something more than just a comfortable journey across campus.

A huge number of designs were presented to the company, including a modern interpretation of a Penny Farthing from the 19th century. However, a more traditional design was selected, which would offer a user-friendly experience and comfort. The GBike has a chain which is covered, preventing grease from coming into contact with clothes. A guard is also fitted at the back to stop mud spray, while a bell and basket complete the bicycle.

One member of the team that designed the winning bike, David Fork said:

“Our design motto was ‘Build a user-friendly, safe and reliable, low-maintenance new GBike.’”

Fork further expressed his fondness for the current bike, but realised that it wasn’t to everyone’s taste. Google is immensely competitive, constantly striving for perfection even in its own environment. Constant changes to Google products and procedures could create more SEO jobs in cities like Liverpool, especially if the candidates know how to implement an efficient SEO campaign.

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