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Google dislikes sales content

Google dislikes sales content

Copywriting is probably an art and a science. The best SEO copywriting may have an artistic quality which is ideal for readers, but it always delivers on what Google wants in a scientific way. However, the gap between art and science may not be as large as some of us felt at school. This is because what Google likes is sometimes what ordinary people appreciate.

A great example of the closeness between what Google wants and what people like is Google’s attitude to sales content. Google is aware that advertising can be dull and not very informative. It knows that its future success is dependent on catering to the evolving desires of the net generation. It realises that there are sufficient advertisements on the internet and it does not reward websites with content that is excessively orientated towards sales. Therefore if a copywriter wants to please Google they should put content on their site which is informative and not merely an exercise in promoting the particular business.

Even if you are navigating the internet in search of something to purchase, you may have had your fix of advertising from the television earlier in the evening. Often you may be pleasantly surprised to find a website which has interesting content that connects to a ‘real world’ interest of yours. Fresh and original copy may be what you need most.

The simple lesson for copywriting services is that sales copy does not always sell. It can even annoy Google and your potential customers.

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