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Google confirms new 1000 patents purchase

Google confirms new 1000 patents purchase

A spokesman for Google has recently confirmed the purchase of over 1000 patents by the search engine giant.

Technology patents are the latest acquisition for Google, from International Business Machines corporation. According to the spokesman, the purchase price won’t be made public. The information was first reported in the blog SEO by the Sea, stating that the patents had been purchased with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The patents cover a wide range of subjects which include servers and routers, the fabrication and architecture of memory and micro processing chips and others. In April, the general counsel and Senior Vice President for Google, Kent Walker posted in the official Google blog, discussing the requirement for a company to build a patent portfolio, as a defence strategy against others. A recent argument by Kent Walker cites litigation for patent infringement was responsible for preventing innovation. He also said that the companies which use the patent litigation are looking to:

“block competing products or profit from the success of a rival’s new technology.”

As Google possess fewer patents than rival companies, Walker believes that Google will have to build a patent portfolio for itself.

Google was recently outbid for approximately 6000 patents from Nortel Networks corporation by a coalition, which included Apple Inc and Microsoft Corp. Google is thought to now be in talks to purchase InterDigital Inc, which owns large numbers of patents. It is believed that they purchase licences for the patents but don’t create products.

Google is an innovative company and leads the search market. An effective SEO campaign has to focus on Google as part of its search engine optimisation strategy.

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