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Google confirms Bard is not part of search


Google confirms Bard is not part of search

When Google announced its new chatbot Bard, it became synonymous with the generative artificial intelligence (AI) feature Google also publicised at the same time, but was this misunderstood by the search industry, or did Google make a mistake announcing both at once?

Bard product lead Jack Krawczyk, spoke at a Google meeting late last week and confirmed that Bard is separate to search. Since ChatGPT has become synonymous with generative AI, Bard instantly widely assumed to be part of this movement, but it appears this may have been a misconception.

Krawczyk added that Google cannot stop users trying to use Bard in the same way as search though, so when the feature is released it will be best to check the information generated by Bard to check that it’s correct.

Why has Bard become synonymous with being part of search?

Due to the hasty introduction of Bard by Google due to Microsoft’s introduction of ChatGPT into Bing search, there has been some confusion within the SEO and search industry. This has perhaps been caused by Google introducing it at the same time as teasing “AI-powered features” coming soon to Google Search.

Google has said that Bard and ChatGPT are “large language models” rather than knowledge models, meaning they lack the ability to check the text they produce is based on facts, even though it may be written in a convincingly human style.

Search Engine Land has suggested that that even Google employees are unsure about what the difference between Bard and Search is, which suggests that it may take a while for Bard to be released.

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