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Google clarifies guidelines for AI-written content


Google clarifies guidelines for AI-written content

Due to the buzz around artificial intelligence (AI), spearheaded by the development and popularity of ChatGPT, Google has clarified its guidelines about using AI-generated content.

Does Google really care about AI-generated content?

Google has released new FAQs about AI-generated content, including whether AI content is against Google Search Guidelines.

The tech giant stated that AI use is not against its guidelines as long as it is “appropriate” and isn’t being used to manipulate search results. The new FAQs go on to clarify that automation has been used to generate some content – such as sports scores, weather forecasts and transcriptions – for years.

Google’s position on this appears to have shifted somewhat since ChatGPT emerged. As recently as August, Google’s John Mueller implied that “automatically generated content” was classed as spam by the search engine.

How can you use AI to improve your content?

Using AI can help to give you a structure for your content, and even give you ideas of what to write. This can be amplified if used together with other content generation tools like Also Asked and Answer the Public.

However, it will be important not to expect AI to do all the work for you. Content should be reread, edited and enhanced by humans, not simply slapped onto a website. Often, while grammatically correct, AI-generated content can be unspecific and thin on detail.

Why should you write people-first content?

With the introduction of the helpful content system update by Google last year, which was done to better ensure that the content shown in search results was created primarily for people, it is now more important than ever that all content you write is focused on giving useful information to visitors.

To Google, more important than how you’re creating content is why you’re creating it and what purpose it serves. If it’s good quality and helpful to the reader, it should rank well. If it’s just an attempt to rank for a keyword and has no real value, it’s less likely to, so consider carefully whether AI is capable of that on its own.

If you’re looking to grow your business online, getting in front of the target audience searching for topics related to your products and services can be a great way to increase sales and leads. To find out more about our content writing services, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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