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Google Chrome Web Store sees huge success in first year

Google Chrome Web Store sees huge success in first year

As Google’s Chrome Web Store approaches its first year anniversary, millions of web apps are being downloaded each day by users of Google Chrome. The Chrome Web Store offers thousands of apps, themes and extensions which will enhance the user experience. Chrome’s senior product manager, Rahul Roy-Chowdhury expressed his delight following the huge success of the web store.

With over 200 million Chrome users, there are millions of downloads each day from the Google store. The Chrome Web Store was launched in December 2010, with just a few hundred apps to offer. The number available has soared to more than 30,000 apps, extensions and themes. Since the store was redesigned in October, the number of downloads has doubled each day, as Google continue to introduce apps to its browser. The chief executive of InvisibleHand, discount retail notification site, Robin Landy said:

“Since the Web Store relaunch, we’ve seen daily downloads of InvisibleHand increase by over 50%. On some days downloads have more than doubled. That’s good for our business.”

There are 31 countries that have seen the introduction of the Web apps store, outside the United States. The web apps all vary, with some being links to websites and others being designed specifically to be used alongside Chrome.

As Google creates an increasing number of features to enhance business performance, a business strategy has to be modified continually to incorporate the latest developments. Search engine optimisation can be affected by any developments, requiring a creative strategy.

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