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Google Chrome integrates PC, laptop and mobiles

Google Chrome integrates PC, laptop and mobiles

Google Chrome for Mobile has recently launched, moving one step further towards integrating your desktop PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. If a user is signed into Chrome, it will be possible to open a number of different sites on a mobile which will also recognise information from the sites a user visits on a desktop PC or laptop. This latest advance in technology appears to suggest that mobile phones will soon be as capable as a desktop or laptop.

According to the senior vice president for Google Chrome, Sundar Pichai, the ultimate aim of launching Google Chrome was to permit progression of the web as a whole. The browser was much faster than its rivals at the initial stages, and continues to be faster. According to Pichai, websites have become more complex and much more is done online, although he acknowledges that Google Chrome can’t take all the credit for this. As mobile browsers improve, mobile websites will also improve drastically.

Pichai states that the aim is to make the web accessible to all users, whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. The new features of Google Chrome make tabbed browsing possible on a mobile, just as a user would use on a desktop. New integration technology means you can have the same pages open as you have on the main computer.

As Google improves technology and makes the web more accessible to all, search engine optimisation becomes a more complex procedure. All companies from Chester to Scotland will find some SEO jobs more difficult than others, but crucial for any SEO campaign.

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