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Google Chrome creates competition for Microsoft IE

Google Chrome creates competition for Microsoft IE

According to recently released statistics from StatCounter and Net Applications, Google Chrome secured 25.69 percent of the web browser market share in November 2011, with Microsoft Internet Explorer shares falling to 38.65 percent.

The surveys carried out by StatCounter and Net Applications show that as Google Chrome becomes increasingly popular, Microsoft IE is rapidly losing its control of the market shares all over the world.

In December 2010, Net Application’s figures show the market share for Internet Explorer was 59.26 percent. In November 2011 this figure had fallen to 52.64 percent followed by another drop in users to 51.87 of the market share in December 2011. The same survey by Net Applications shows that Firefox remains in second place with a 21.8 percent share of the market, with Chrome in third place with 19.1 percent. However, it has been predicted by Net Applications that Chrome will rise to second place in March.

StatCounter statistics reveal the reduction of Microsoft IE market share to 38.65 percent in November 2011, from its previous figure of 40.63 percent. Meanwhile Google Chrome’s share of the global market increased by 4.99 percent during the period from November 2009 to November 2011, reaching 25.69 percent market share. Firefox was slightly behind Google Chrome with 25.3 percent in the same month.

sGoogle dominate the Internet with Gmail, YouTube, Adsense, their search engine, and now their web browser is providing serious competition for Microsoft IE. Accordingly, Google features strongly in the search engine optimisation of a large number of businesses who want their company to have a high page ranking, whether in Liverpool or LA.

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