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Google challenged by mathematician from Italy

Google challenged by mathematician from Italy

Massimo Marchiori played a prominent role in Google’s search algorithm development. He’s now planning to launch his own search engine before the start of the new year. The associate professor has created a website that displays promotional videos in preparation for the launch of the new search engine.

Although Marchiori hasn’t provided details of the new search engine, and how it differs from current search engines, he has said:

“It’s not just Google plus 10 percent. It’s a different perspective. It’s a new radical view of what a search engine of the future could be.”

The mathematician has claimed during an interview which has been published in Corriere della Sera, the online edition, that the new search engine will compete with Google. The approach of the soon to be launched search engine is intended to be completely different from Google.

In 1996, Marchiori’s Hyper Search algorithm was launched at a conference in California, where Larry Page, then 23 years old was attending. This algorithm laid the foundations for Google PageRank. One of Marchiori’s partners, Mariano Pireddu stated that the search engine wouldn’t compete with Google, but it will be different. According to Pireddu, if users don’t like the product, they will make adjustments and corrections till it is approved by its intended market.

If the search engine is a success, Google will strive to retain the lion’s share of the market, which could result in necessary changes being made to a company’s search engine optimisation strategy.

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