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Google chairman ventures into space

Google chairman ventures into space

Information has been recently released of a new venture which will concentrate on exploring space and natural resources. The venture has reportedly been backed by film director James Cameron, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt. According to reports, Planetary Resources is going to be a “space exploration company to expand Earth’s resource base.”

Claims have been made that the venture will increase global GDP by trillions, be responsible for redefining ‘natural resources’ and introduce a new industry. One of the company founders, Peter Diamandis, stated that he had wanted to be an asteroid miner since his childhood days. The cost of the venture will be huge, especially as space travel is costly.

However, the founders of the company along with the investors are hoping that resources discovered will compensate. According to studies, metals and gold which are found on Earth exist as a result of a collision between Earth and asteroids at the very beginning of its existence.

The company isn’t the first venture to have taken James Cameron away from directing films like Avatar and Titanic. He has previously been on an exploration of the Mariana Trench, situated in the Pacific Ocean and the deepest point of Earth. Recent reports also claim that Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google, received a salary of $101 million during 2011.

If the company is successful in its space mining venture, it could have a profound effect on Earth and the way space is perceived. In future, a company’s search engine optimisation campaign may include businesses from Liverpool to outer space.

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