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Google chairman presents government as threat to the internet

Google chairman presents government as threat to the internet

During a speech made by Eric Schmidt, Google chairman, while at London’s Science Museum, he stated that the biggest threats to the internet were cybercrime and censorship by the government. He warned that agencies would have access to information that could be filtered and deleted. Schmidt admitted that when the internet was in its early days and developing, cyber crime wasn’t often considered, which has resulted in opportunities for various acts of cybercrime.

Internet providers have been working on methods which will prevent internet criminals and increase online security, although Schmidt believes that it will be another 10 years before the internet ceases to have vulnerabilities. The other threat to the future of the internet is censorship by the government, which could lead to restriction of information and restricted access to material which is permitted by the government. Schmidt stressed that this kind of restricted environment would lead to an environment which would nurture radicalisation, hate and crime. Schmidt said:

“Make no mistake, this is a fight for the future of the web, and there is no room for complacency.”

Schmidt also stressed the urgent requirement for today’s youth to be educated in computer sciences. Although children are connected, they don’t receive the ICT education to support their needs. Google are launching and funding TeachFirst which will provide training for over 100 science teachers.

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