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Google announces some pages may never be indexed

Google Laptop

Google announces some pages may never be indexed

If you have access to your business’ Google Search Console account, you may have noticed a status called ‘Discovered – Currently not indexed’, which Google has now announced can last forever.

As Google does not index every page on a website, it has said that there is no guarantee all the content on a site will ever be indexed in search results.

What does ‘Discovered – Currently not indexed’ mean?

The status means that the content or pages have been found by Google, but the search engine has not crawled the content and listed it in its search results.

Why your content might not be indexed

One reason why your content might not be indexed is that there are technical issues on your website that are stopping search engines crawling all the content. For example, when Google crawls content, a website’s server may become overloaded, and the search engine will have to schedule to recrawl the content in the future. Another reason can be that your website does not meet Google’s quality standards threshold.

Even though Google has unlimited power to crawl websites, its crawling algorithm is reserved for content and websites that are useful, valuable and high quality. Google has continued to stress that it wants to be able to give the correct information to searchers, and having poor-quality content ranked in search results can affect Google’s trustworthiness.

How can I get content to rank in search results?

If your content is being listed in the ‘Discovered – currently not indexed’ section of Google Search Console, the best action you could take would be to continue to improve your website’s overall quality, which will help make your website more trustworthy and will prompt Google to crawl more of your site’s content.

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