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Google announces new Destinations feature


Google announces new Destinations feature

Search giant Google has recently announced the arrival of a brand new feature that will make it easier for users to plan their next holiday on a smartphone.

The Destinations feature works straight from the Google Search function on smartphone apps, meaning that you can plan your whole holiday just by completing a regular search. The firm explains in its blog post announcement that by adding the word “destination” to the end of a search query detailing a user’s desired location, they will be provided with an easy to view set of options.

The search company claims that the new feature integrates a deep understanding of everywhere in the world, as the feature will instantly detail available flights and hotels as well as their prices through the use of Google Flights and Hotel search.

One of the biggest advantages that the feature brings is that it will save users time. In the past, users have planned their holiday by trawling through a number of relevant sites to search for various bits of information, such as flight times, airport transfers and, of course, activities to do once they have arrived. By pulling together as much information as possible into one place, Google Destinations will help save a user the time and effort this would normally take.

The feature can also suggest locations that a user may find desirable by taking into consideration their hobbies and interests. It has a filter button that can help start the planning process, even if you only know the time of year you wish to travel. It will display the lowest fares and fees for the time you are looking to book for a number of different locations.

The tool can also pull in weather information and even tell you the most popular destinations based on historic visits from other users.

Google announced that during 2015, it saw a 50% increase in travel-related searches on mobile devices, providing the American company with enough evidence to justify the addition of this new feature.

With many search analysts confirming that the number of searches being conducted on mobile devices has now surpassed the number of desktop searches, it comes as no surprise that companies such as Google are now tailoring their services to cater for mobile.

For businesses, this means that it is now crucial to be mobile friendly. This means having a website that operates on both desktop and mobile devices in order to compete for new business. To further stress the importance of the move to mobile search, Google has changed the way it displays results and ads to just the single column instead of having ads on the right hand side, and even has separate rankings for websites that are mobile-friendly.

Alan Littler

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