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Google Analytics 4 launches automated Google Ads report

Google Analytics 4 launches automated Google Ads report

Google have released a brand new feature to their analytics tool that allows you to access a breakdown of your advertisement’s data.

The inclusion of the Google Ads report simplifies data access and provides you with clearer and easy-to-understand data, allowing you to identify which areas are performing well, and what can be improved upon.

In order to access this report, you must link your GA4 profile to your Google Ads account, head to the section titled Advertising, click on Performance then select Google Ads. This will then provide you with a breakdown of how your advert has been performing, including a graph showing the conversion rate of the ad over a certain period of time.

Google have confirmed that the report will be a part of its update to the advertising workspace. A spokesperson from the company stated:

“If you currently run ads campaigns or monetise your properties with ads, make sure your ads accounts are linked to continue getting these actionable insights. If no account is linked, you will see a page that prompts you to link to an ads or publisher account.”

We believe this will be a very useful update, as it allows you to monitor both a website and the ads performance in one place, making it easier to identify the positive and negatives of both sets of data.

If you are looking for any assistance with the performance of your website, or any of your paid advertising campaigns, get in touch with Engage Web today.

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