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Google Adwords revamped to reflect use of mobile devices

Google Adwords revamped to reflect use of mobile devices

Google Adwords has recently been revamped to reflect the increased use of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. The number of Google searches which take place using a mobile device is expected to rise rapidly over the next year, surpassing searches from desktop PCs and laptops. Following the changes to Google Adwords, advertisers will be able to target users of mobile devices much easier than previously.

Although most of Google’s revenue came from Google Adwords in 2012, it is expected to increase next year as it embraces the increased number of searches made on the go. Sridhar Ramaswamy, the senior vice president of engineering for Google said:

“People are constantly connected and moving from one device to another to communicate, shop and stay entertained and there are many more digital screens and devices to come, with the lines between them continuing to blur.”

The revamped system has been named “Enhanced Campaigns” and is expected to give more control to advertisers of how much they spend when targeting a user of a mobile device. For instance, an advertiser may spend more targeting someone who is searching for “breakfast” a short distance away early in the morning, but choose not to pay more for the search term later in the day. Following this latest enhancement to one of Google’s products, the search engine optimisation campaigns of businesses may be localised to increase their high street presence. SEO campaigns of companies all over the UK may have to be altered to accommodate the changes.

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