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Google’s Plus One button to alter search rankings

Google’s Plus One button to alter search rankings

SEO experts are facing a new dilemma as Google announced its intention to use the +1 button to gain information that will influence the ranking of websites on its search engine. According to Google, using information collected from its +1 button will help in the fight against spam, whilst also integrating the latest technology for social searches.

The clicks of +1 buttons will be used as a ranking signal, of which a spokesman from Google states there are over 200 signals in use in deciding a website’s rank. The spokesman for Google insisted that each ranking signal is used to improve the quality of the search process for users. He said:

“For +1’s and other social ranking signals, as with any new ranking signal, we’ll be starting carefully and learning how those signals are related to quality.”

This latest development has caused concern among critics, who wonder how this move will affect new websites, or websites which don’t have the +1 button displayed on their site, when it comes to their ranking in organic search results.

Google argue that this latest move will help to prevent spam and the high ranking of poor quality sites that employ underhand marketing tactics. Over 500 improvements were made to the algorithm, which are vital to maintain Google’s lead on Bing in the search engine war.

Google plays an integral role in search engine optimisation, which includes the Google +1 button, similar to Face book’s ‘Like’ button. The use of +1 as a ranking signal could make SEO jobs much more complex as a result.

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