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Hello Goodbye

Goodbye Universal Analytics, hello Google Analytics 4

Hello Goodbye

Goodbye Universal Analytics, hello Google Analytics 4

Google has recently announced that in a little over a year’s time, Universal Analytics will be withdrawn and all Google Analytics users will have to use the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) interface and analytics.

As of July 1st, 2023, Universal Analytics will no longer process new data on websites, and everyone will have to have GA4 set up instead to continue to monitor visitors to their sites.

Another consideration is that you cannot import any of your old Universal Analytics (UA) data into GA4, as the data GA4 collects is completely different to the old UA analytics. Therefore, to keep year-on-year comparisons and see growth in your website, you will need to have GA4 set up on your website by July 1st this year.

But why is Google getting rid of Universal Analytics?

The main reason is due to the platform and recorded data being unable to deliver cross-platform insights. With the focus moving to mobile devices, GA4 allows you to measure data across your website and any apps your company may have.

Why has Universal Analytics become obsolete?

Google has said:

“Universal Analytics was built for a generation of online measurement that was anchored in the desktop web, independent sessions, and more easily observable data from cookies. This measurement methodology is quickly becoming obsolete.”

The new GA4 does not rely solely on cookies and now uses an event-based data model, which allows it to operate across several platforms. That means this version of Google Analytics will have better “future-proof” credentials.

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