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Good SEO, rather than spin, improves rankings

Good SEO, rather than spin, improves rankings

The recent publication of former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s autobiography has not been well-received in many quarters. It is sobering to think back and remember how popular he was when first elected to that great office of state in May 1997. The country was more than ready for a change of party after eighteen years of Conservative government, first under Margaret Thatcher and then John Major. The honeymoon period passed and gradually things changed. Cool Britannia faded and the War in Iraq proved to be unpopular with many ordinary people. It became an era of “spin doctors” trying to put a gloss on unpalatable issues. Ultimately, the internal strife in the Labour Party and the Cabinet heralded a change of leader and Mr. Blair left office and became the public figure he is today.

A company needs to guard its reputation and trustworthiness, marketing itself and its products and services to its customers. Publicity in the form of website content and copy can so easily be misinterpreted if not presented in the right way. Article submission services provided by reputable agencies ensure that professional writers provide quality content for their clients. This means that search engine optimisation (SEO) is achieved because professional SEO writers know how to write perfect copy every time. They do not have to” put a spin” on the information and pack it with jargon, keywords and clichés, because this false way of writing will not get past sophisticated search engines and the website will fall down the rankings.

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