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Go Gaga for great internet marketing

Go Gaga for great internet marketing

Why is Lady Gaga so popular? Gaga fans will have to forgive me, because I’ve really had trouble fathoming the answer. In aesthetic terms, I still don’t know the reason for her popularity, but in marketing terms, I’ve been able to reason it out. It’s very simple, and it’s a guide for anyone marketing on the internet today: she mixes the standard with something a little bit different.

Lady Gaga’s image is based on being different. Anyone who doesn’t love her music will be able to point out that she isn’t really different at all. In terms of pop, she’s right there in the middle. In terms of audience experience, however, she has got something different. It’s an incredibly smart approach.

The mix of the familiar and the different is essential to any marketing exercise, and particularly relevant to the web. When internet users are looking at the SERPs, they will reject sites that are too different, as these could cause harm to their computers. They’ll also reject sites that are too staid and ordinary. They will hone in on the site that safely stands out.

When your SEO plan gets you to the first page of results, you really want to go a little Gaga. One of your SEO jobs as a site owner is to find the right angle for your site. Sites can’t thrive unless they catch the eye of internet users. Finding your difference is a great way to do this, and in search engine optimisation and marketing terms, it’s a sustainable way.

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