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Gmail and Google+ integrate to improve email experience

Gmail and Google+ integrate to improve email experience

Gmail has been substantially improved, with integration of Google+ to improve a user’s experience of email. In an official Gmail blog post, the product manager Itamar Gilad states that email is not just about messages, but also about the people who send and receive them. The latest improvements to Gmail mean that when you read or send an email, you can also see details of the contact.

When a person is using Gmail and searching for an email address, the results will show the recipient’s contact details. You will also have access to their profile image and be able to see emails which you have previously exchanged with each other. According to the post on the official blog, you will be able to chat with the contact in addition to being able to contact them by phone.

Google+ Circles has also received updates. If a user opts for one of their circles, the top right corner will display profile images of the people in that circle. If you click on the profile picture you will be taken to the results of the search, where you will find the contact’s details. A new website has also been launched by Google called Story of Send. This site explains how an email gets from the sender to the recipient.

All changes made to Google products can affect a business’ SEO campaign, perhaps even making some SEO jobs much more complex. The integration of Google+ with Gmail will affect companies with a search engine optimisation campaign, whether in Liverpool or elsewhere in the world.

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