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Globalising culture and article writing

Globalising culture and article writing

Even during the nineteenth century, globalisation was proceeding swiftly. The current wave of cultural globalisation has partly been promoted by the internet. It could be thought that geography is becoming less relevant to the provision of article content.

However, despite globalising cultural trends we don’t live in a completely globalised world. Cultures are heterogeneous and hybridised. The nation state is still important in cultural terms. Just because an online business can obtain the services of content writers from around the globe, does not mean that they necessarily should. This is not to say that nationalism is a positive phenomenon, it is merely to acknowledge its enduring cultural power.

If an online business is seeking to exploit a market in a specific country, using the services of copywriters who live there may prove to be a safe choice. Cultural norms and traditions can be hard for foreign people to grasp. If a language is not somebody’s first language they may not appreciate some of its eccentric finer points. While protectionism in any industry can lead to poor outcomes, the hiring of people purely on cost can also have highly negative implications.

Talent at article writing is obviously not confined by national borders. Borders have become more porous in a networked world. However, cultural references can be important in making articles appropriate for users. This means that obtaining the services of article writers with some economic and social knowledge of a specific country can be a prudent choice. Nobody wants the meanings of an article to be confused.

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