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Getting in the Professionals

Getting in the Professionals

When you think of how many professional services are used by most businesses, it doesn’t take long to come up with quite a list. Depending on what you do yourself, it’s likely that you’ve used the services of professionals such as plumbers, electricians and decorators around your workplace. You might use a professional printing service for your leaflets and posters, or a catering company for special functions.

However, when it comes to writing for marketing purposes, a surprising number of businesses seem to feel this is something they should be able to do in-house. This can mean staff, whose expertise may lie in an entirely unrelated field, are called upon to produce articles or website content. Unless your company specialises in producing something like newspapers or magazines, it’s unlikely that anyone on your staff team is a professional writer, yet you may feel that writing is something that you should be able to produce.

Why do businesses put themselves under this pressure? You wouldn’t ask a sales executive to fix a leak, or an administrator to do some wiring, so why not outsource content writing to those who actually write for a living? Trying to produce articles in-house may be a false economy; if your writing isn’t full of fresh ideas, or isn’t engaging to read, it can really undermine your online marketing.

By using freelance writers, you can be confident that your marketing articles are in the hands of professional writers, leaving you and your staff to do the things you do best.

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