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FTC declares Google search results to be fair

FTC declares Google search results to be fair

The Federal Trade Commission of America has declared that Google search results are not unfairly manipulated and cited the search giant as “one of America’s great companies”. Jon Leibovitz, the chairman of FTC, also pointed out that some of the unfair practices which Google was accused of using were being used by those making the accusations. Google has agreed voluntarily to make changes to some of its practices.

According to Mr Leibovitch, evidence indicates that the company may have attempted to influence search results, although the main reason to make changes to the algorithm, look or feel of the search engine was to make improvements. The FTC admitted that the verdict made would be criticised, saying:

“Many of Google’s competitors wanted the commission to go further and regulate the intricacies of Google’s search engine algorithm.”

The executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, made an offer to change the operation of the search engine but Joaquin Almunia, Europe’s competition commissioner, declined saying that he expected “a detailed commitment text” during January. Google responded to the FTC saying that the result shows that the services of Google are beneficial for competition and good for users of the search engine.

Changes to Google search engine may affect the search engine optimisation campaigns created by companies worldwide, including cities in the UK like Liverpool. The SEO campaign of any business with an online presence will utilise Google. The company also expressed its delight of the conclusion of the authorities and FTC which have examined the business practices of Google.

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