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FT outlines top Twitter tips

FT outlines top Twitter tips

Celebrating one million followers just a week short of the new year, the Financial Times decided to helpfully list its top tips for getting a good following on Twitter.

According to its communities editor Sarah Laitner, the single most important factor is writing clearly. As Laitner says herself, this may seem abundantly clear but is often not the case.

Many companies try to be to clever, instead of using a professional news writing service that, as Laitner says:

“[uses] @ mentions and hashtags only when they provide context.”

Getting the timing right is important too, according to Laitner, who says:

“tweet at times when you know readers, both in the UK and overseas, are online so they see what you write.”

This is all too often something that is not adhered to though, particularly over Christmas and the New Year. With many firms shutting down for much of the two week period, news stories are often out of date quickly.

It is not just private firms that make this mistake though. Many SEO copywriting services shut down too; enforcing writers to write into the future and, in some cases, rendering much of their hard work pointless, due to staff being off and scheduling not being used.

Companies being proactive and having staff on hand to respond to events and post timely entries will likely perform better over quiet periods.

Laitner’s third tip highlights the importance of using different voices. She says this helps keep things fresh and more relevant to readers, and helps to add variety and change the pace; something which many company own blogs fail to deliver.

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