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Friends of Umina Beach woman caught out by email scam

Friends of Umina Beach woman caught out by email scam

Two hundred friends of Marianne Fraser were caught out by an email scam last week, telling them that Marianne needed money to be sent urgently to help her get home.

Ms Fraser from Umina Beach had received an email, thought to be from a representative of her email server, stating that they were updating their database and required her name, country and password. Marianne refused to give this information but following a second email threatening to cancel her account, she reluctantly gave her password.

Using the information to access her email account, the fraudsters contacted friends and family of Marianne, saying she was stranded and urgently required money. The email also said that she had been attacked and had no money to get back home. As her account was closed to her, Marianne was unable to get in touch with her contacts, not having phone numbers for many. One of her friends said the email’s poor grammar made her suspicious, but as the email detailed an attack on Marianne, she thought it could have been caused by shock and distress.

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