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Four ways to drive traffic to your website

Four ways to drive traffic to your website

In this day and age, most businesses have a website, but not all businesses know how to make the most out of it.

This article will cover some key ideas and strategies that can be utilised to attract more users towards your site, and build traffic organically.

Implement a blog page with current topics

Blogs are an excellent way to update your visitors with the latest news and updates within your industry.

However, a key factor that must be considered when creating these posts is relevance.

If your post is irrelevant to your business, or not very useful to your audience, it’s more likely to have users clicking off your site, never to return.

Therefore, it is important that you give the users exactly what they’re looking for. If viewers are finding your content useful, they will likely revisit and share your site, generating even more traffic.

Furthermore, if you use current and trending topics, you are presenting yourself to a wider audience, so it is also important to consider what is popular in your current market.

Write attention-grabbing headlines

Coinciding with the previous point, the headline of the article can be the difference between getting clicks, and users simply scrolling by.

If your headline is basic or boring, it’s unlikely to gain much traffic. However, if your blog’s headline stands out from other articles on a similar topic, your audience will be more likely to opt to read your content, which could ultimately be the pivotal difference in gaining conversion.

Use visuals

To some, visuals can be more consumable than any other form of content.

Whether it be video, animation or still image, if you can create a balance of useful text and attractive visuals, your website and business will become first choice over those that use either too much text, or crowd their site with too many visuals.

Use social media as a stepping stone

Social media is an essential tool in modern marketing and, for the most part, is free to use.

It has a virtually endless reach, and can be used to display a range of content types, including video, image, text, live video, polls, games and more.

If you create a good profile on social media, you will attract a much larger following, who may be more inclined to visit your actual website, effortlessly leading traffic to your products or services.

If you are wondering how you can incorporate any of these strategies into your website, get in touch with us today at Engage Web. We look forward to your call.

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