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Four types of web content to make your blog irresistible to readers

Four types of web content to make your blog irresistible to readers

If you’re writing a blog as part of your search engine optimisation activities, you’re probably already aware that the most popular blogs are the ones offering unique content to readers. There are many hundreds of blogs out there with virtually identical articles, all competing for the same traffic. Here are some types of content that can help give your blog an edge. Professional writers can help develop each of these types of blog.

1. Niche content. If you’re working within a field that requires highly specialised knowledge, and you’re in a position to give unusual or cutting edge information, this is a great advantage. This also applies to fields in which you can give a unique perspective on a topic

2. Humorous content. Blogs with a strong, individual voice or sense of humour can be very popular. These blogs tend to benefit from people sharing the content in a word of mouth way, for example, on social media sites. With this in mind, make sure it’s easy for readers to share your content on Facebook or Twitter

3. Opinionated content. Blogs giving strong opinions often attract more attention than those that give information in a more passive way. You can make the most of an opinionated blog by encouraging comments and debate

4. Informative content. Huge numbers of people search for ‘How to’ information. If you can develop a blog that’s a reliable resource on its topic, you’ll attract readers who will bookmark your blog for future reference

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