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Content writing

Four tips to improve your keyword rankings

Content writing

Four tips to improve your keyword rankings

Achieving top rankings within the search engines is not as simple as it was 20 years ago. The search engines are constantly evolving and updating to give its users the best possible results for the searches entered.

Google has updated its algorithms many times this year, and even stated that it made over 3,000 updates in 2018 alone. A list of major Google updates can be found here. With so many changes taking place, websites need to ensure that they are constantly being refreshed and updated to show Google they are relevant to users’ needs.

One of the most effective ways to give your site the best chance of ranking highly is to focus on the overall experience of the website, optimising the content with both the search engines and users in mind. Below are some actionable tips that will help to please Google.

1. Create engaging content

The title of your articles and post will be the first thing that any visitor will see. In order to attract them to the site and keep them there, you should create eye-catching content that is appealing and will engage with the reader.

In 2017, BuzzSumo conducted a study into 100 million headlines to see what stands out and what appeals to readers. It revealed that phrases like “will make you” and “this is why” were particularly effective.

2. Provide answers to the questions users are asking

Nowadays, a lot of people are entering questions as their search queries. Therefore, producing content that answers these questions is likely to do well in the rankings. Find out what your customers are asking and customise your content to answer these questions. Give them what they are searching for.

3. Ensure content is continuously optimised and improved

Search engines are always updating to improve the experience for their users. Google recently announced that it will be keeping its featured Snippets up-to-date with the most relevant information. This means that in order for a site to appear in one of these Snippets, the information it posts on its website also needs to be the most relevant and up to date it can be. This can be done by refreshing content when something changes.

4. Be aware of algorithm updates

Of course, in order for a website to appear at the top of the rankings, it needs to know what Google is looking for and what it will penalise. Staying informed with what Google is doing will equip you with the knowledge required to achieve this goal.

At Engage Web, we believe that content should be at the heart of every website, as Google likes sites that are rich with information. Keeping this content up-to-date and relevant to what your potential customers are searching for will keep them and Google happy and give you some decent rankings, and more importantly, business in return.

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