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Four parts of a business blog that can win or lose readers

Four parts of a business blog that can win or lose readers

Business blogs can be great for getting people engaged with a company. Written properly, a blog can show a more informal side to a business. Too many blogs, however, are dull and don’t have anything to say. Certain aspects of a blog have to be just right in order to grab readers’ attention.

1. Titles

Article titles need to promise something of interest to readers. If a title makes the article sound like it covers a very dry piece of company news, readers are unlikely to be interested. Bloggers should think about what an article has to offer readers, and should make sure that the title conveys this.

2. Blog topics

A blog should have a central theme, especially if the aim is to attract regular followers. One mistake with business blogs can be to think that it can cover a huge range of unrelated topics. Blogs may be more relaxed than other parts of a website, but they still need a guiding theme or direction to make sense to readers.

3. Content

Blog articles need to be well-written. A blog that is riddled with spelling errors won’t do a business any favours. Many companies choose to outsource content writing for their blogs if they don’t have in-house writers.

4. Interactive features

The ability for readers to leave comments on a blog, or take part in polls, can help bring the blog to life. People running business blogs should consider these features just as seriously as hobby bloggers, as comments can help readers feel more engaged.

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