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Four mistakes to avoid when building a new website

Four mistakes to avoid when building a new website

Creating a brand-new website for your company can be an exciting experience, but careful planning and consideration is key. Read on for some common missteps that many business owners make when setting up a new site for their firm.

Slow to load

To be acceptable to modern users and to avoid losing interest, websites must load pages, images, and videos like lightning. Make sure your site is quick to load (for example, by optimising content) or prepare to lose traffic to competitors.

Too much text

When it comes to web copy, you should aim to use as few words as possible, whenever possible, to keep messaging clear and to the point. Whether it’s your home page or the first blog you post, avoid writing endless passages of text, as this can ultimately bore users and see them swiftly leave your site. When more information is required, consider breaking up text with images, or delivering it in a more engaging way, like in video format.

Poor quality content

Ensure that all copy is well-written and using correct English. Poor spelling and grammar can harm your professional reputation and damage trust. The same applies to images. Using low resolution images or uninspiring stock photos on your site can ruin its appeal, so wherever possible, obtain unique professional photography if this is within your budget. If you write blog posts, be sure they offer useful information that is relevant to your audience.

Forgetting SEO

You could have bought or built the most attractive website, but without search engine optimisation (SEO), users will be hard pressed to find it online. Make sure your new site and its content uses the latest advice and trends for SEO. Don’t overstuff your pages with keywords, but do create relevant and valuable content that adheres to the rules, to rank higher in searches.

Whether you’re launching your first website or refreshing an existing one, you can rely on us. Speak to our specialist team at Engage Web today to get your site on the right track.

Lia Bartley

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