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Five steps to SMO success

Five steps to SMO success

If you’re interested in your site being a hit with the social media networks, you’ll need to do some work on your pages. Social media participants are likely to react better to your site if you give them signs that you’re on their level. The way you do this is by putting buttons and tags from their favourite social media sites around your own website.

You should optimise for social media by keeping the following five things in mind:

1. Ease of use. Make things easy for social media users by including their favourite social bookmarking buttons in prominent places. Do some research on your target user groups to find out which social media buttons are most likely to appeal to them.

2. Fresh content. Search engine optimisation experts recommend that sites are supplied with constant fresh content to attract the search engines. Fresh content is important for social media optimisation as well as SEO. Social media participants are used to a real-time torrent of information. A stale site won’t impress them.

3. Reward participants. It’s important to give people a reason to interact with your site. It’s almost as important to show that you appreciate this interaction. Rewards for participation don’t have to be substantial, but small things will encourage other internet users to participate on your site. You could reward your site’s users simply by posting your favourite comments on your homepage.

4. Give back. The interaction on social media networks is all about giving. The unwritten rules dictate that if someone befriends you, gives you a comment, or links to you, you should reciprocate. In replying to comments and reciprocating posts, you’re taking advantage of the system.

5. Allow your content to travel. Allowing your site’s users to take your content and forward it on is one way to get your SMO campaign to work off your pages.

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