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Firefox switch boosts Yahoo search performance

Firefox switch boosts Yahoo search performance

Website news providers and search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting services need to be aware that the recent move by Firefox in the US to have Yahoo as its default search engine is having an effect.

The latest statistics from StatCounter have shown that Yahoo boosted the share of its searches on version 34 of the platform three fold. That is in just two weeks, and with the agreement to be rolled out across the world, it could affect how content is positioned.

This is especially the case as Google and Yahoo searches use similar, but different, algorithms to deliver the results to search queries.

The chief executive of StatCounter, Aodhan Cullen, is eager to see how the wider landscape will be affected, commenting:

“Firefox 34 is still being rolled out so its usage is currently quite low. It will be interesting to see how this develops.”

According to the data, the old Firefox browser saw Yahoo taking 9.64% of searches completed. The most recently available numbers show that Yahoo now commands a search share of 29.40%.

It is also worthy to note that the same stats show Google’s share dipping by 20%. This shows that when the premier search engine is not the default, users may be more likely to select another application.

Also, there could well be other browsers kicking Google in the googlies, so to speak.

In an apparent exclusive by tech news site The Information, Apple is considering changing the way its Safari browser hunts for big game (okay, content) on the web.

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