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Famous public grammatical mistakes

Famous public grammatical mistakes

Classic grammar and spelling mistakes can ruin your image as well as your company’s image. Take for example the Palinisms (grammatical and factual errors made by Sarah Palin) and Bushisms (the same made by former President Bush) of recent times. Sarah Palin famously ‘refudiated’ and ‘misunderestimated’ facts, making new words out of refute and repudiate; misunderstand and underestimate. George W. Bush often failed to make the subjects and objects of his sentences agree as shown with his statement

“we want people owning their home…we want people owning a businesses.” (Washington D.C., April 18, 2008).

Public figures find it hard to shake off these labels once the press has caught onto them. It makes them appear uneducated and stupid; not the best image for politicians. If only they had used professional writers for their speeches and resisted the temptation to speak off the cuff. Most great politicians, such as Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy appreciated the wisdom of using professional speech writers and their reputations did not suffer because of it.

Businesses cannot go far wrong if they take the same example and outsource their web content writing to professional writers. Articles and blogs produced by freelance copywriters are of a very high standard and will always produce results in the form of increased web traffic and new customers. Article writing services specialise in producing web copy with this aim in view. Companies require positive results for their money and professional writers will always deliver. Sarah Palin and George W. Bush could have had better results if they had taken advice.

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