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Facial recognition added to Google technology

Facial recognition added to Google technology

Pattern recognition company, PittPatt, has been snapped up by Google, despite stating earlier in the year that the search engine giant had no interest in technology for facial recognition. Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition, based in Pittsburgh, was founded in 2004 and develops ‘reliable face recognition software for images and video.’ The technology developed by the company locates human faces in photographs and detects the movement of a person in a video.

According to the website of PittPatt, the team consider Google to be a good match for their technology, as Google already implement computer vision technology in other features which include Picasa, Goggles and YouTube. By teaming up with Google, the company will enjoy the benefits of a much wider audience. The team at PittPatt said:

“We will continue to tap the potential of computer vision in applications that range from simple photo organisation to complex video and mobile applications.”

In 2010 Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google said that it was unlikely that Google would introduce facial recognition technology, largely concerned with privacy issues. However, Schmidt didn’t completely rule out the possibility of facial recognition introduction. In an interview with the Financial Times, he gave assurance that any developments in that area would receive high levels of planning and discussion, before being reviewed. Schmidt also recognised the importance of continuous innovation, which is the reason Google plays an important role in any good SEO campaign. Google is a leader in the search market, for all businesses from Scotland to Liverpool, and search engine optimisation has to be focused on Google.

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