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Facebook viral leads to baby named Megatron

Facebook viral leads to baby named Megatron

After the recent success of the Facebook campaign to keep moneybags Simon Cowell’s latest X-Factor winner off the Christmas Number One spot, it seems that everyone is beginning to understand the power of Facebook. When handled correctly Facebook can be a hugely powerful Internet marketing tool, one that can reach hundreds of thousands (indeed millions) of people in an instant.

The latest Facebook viral campaign to hit the headlines was from Mike Affinito, who created a Facebook page that promised that his sister would name her new baby Megatron, the bad guy from the Transformers, if he could get over one million fans of the page before the child was born.

Even though he gave himself several months to achieve this feat, it was accomplished in under two weeks! At the time of writing, there are just under 1.5 million fans of the page!

Whether this Facebook page is real, and Mike is indeed a real person with a real sister, with a real impending child named Megatron, is another matter. This could well be another Internet marketing company using Facebook for their own ends, looking to create a huge database of people. What makes us suspicious is that this isn’t the first time that someone has promised to name their child Megatron if a certain number of fans have been attracted to a page on Facebook – and last time it was just 100,000 to join a group.

Whether it is real or not, the fact remains that as an Internet marketing ploy Facebook is highly effective and shouldn’t be ignored in any SEO campaign.

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