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Facebook users to see fewer ads

Facebook users to see fewer ads

Facebook has announced yet another update to the way its newsfeeds are delivered to users.

While the change could see fewer adverts displayed in total, the real aim of the update is to reduce the promotional content that users simply have no interest in. It is important that companies take notice as this is another significant move that highlights how relevancy is taking over how web content is delivered.

Announcing the change, a spokesperson from the social networking giant said that ads will now be displayed in accordance with feedback received. One of the biggest driving forces will be how often content is reported.

Another key driving force which will control the display is how often users hide particular advertisements s from their newsfeeds. For example, if a user is always hiding ads for TVs, tablets and smartphones, electronics-focused material will be reduced.

The spokesperson went on to say that online marketers are likely to see a bit of variation in the way their advertisements are distributed.

This puts even greater emphasis on the content writing teams which work on the ads. Using engaging and actionable copy will become even more crucial, and more companies may turn to professional SEO writing services to deliver ads which will remain in newsfeeds.

Since Facebook announced its IPO, it was clear there was going to be a new emphasis on advertising. The latest development in that regard focuses on newsfeed video ads. Rumoured to be the subject of trials already, industry reports suggest 15-second ads costing anywhere from $1 million upwards will be delivered around the new year.

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