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Facebook updates News Feed display for users

Facebook updates News Feed display for users

Facebook has started rolling out an update to its News Feed feature, with yet more emphasis being placed on relevancy.

The changes, which will affect all of the social networking site’s 700 million users, will now highlight content which may have been missed. Bumping stories to the top of the feeds, it will apply an algorithm looking at the number of times a story has been shared, liked and commented upon.

Stories will also be bumped according to how a user interacts with their feed, meaning content from friends who are often ‘liked’ will be prioritised.

The social networking giant says that the move will help users stay up to date and should prevent them from missing important news. It will also ensure that even more stories are being read.

In a recent report, Facebook found that under its old feed system, just 57 per cent of stories were being read. Since if refreshed its service, this has risen to 70 per cent.

It is hoped that by moving old news which could be relevant to the top, this percentage will continue to increase.

A 70 per cent readership of news feed stories is impressive, and something which many firms will hope to replicate on their own pages.

Helping deliver this, professional writers know what needs to be said and how to say it; much like friends on social networking sites.

Desktop users of Facebook will notice the change to their feeds now, whilst changes to the mobile platform are being rolled out over the next few weeks.

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