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Facebook updates Facebook Pages

Facebook updates Facebook Pages

Facebook today made an update to Facebook Pages to bring it in line with profile pages. The new layout for Facebook Pages, which officially goes live on March 10th, is being trialled by a few pages already as page owners have the option of previewing the updates, or accepting them straight away.

Much like regular profile pages, the new layout of the Facebook Pages features photographs across the top of the page, and the navigation links down the left. However, this new change isn’t just cosmetic, or just to make it consistent with the profiles. No, the big change with this new update, and one that will prove especially useful for Internet marketing experts, is that you can now select to post on other pages, and comment on items posted, as if you were your ‘Facebook Page’. You can do this by selecting to use Facebook as your page.

Previously, if you wanted to promote your Facebook Page on a related page, you would have to post using your own profile and post a link to the page, which always looked a little self-promotional. Now however you can post on any page on Facebook (that you have access to) as if you were your Facebook Page – then any comment you make appears from your page, with your page’s thumbnail and an automatic link back to your page.

This makes promoting your Facebook Page via Facebook much easier. Also, when you’re logged in as your Facebook Page, you can receive updates to whenever someone has replied to your posts, or interacted with your page, in much the same as you would if you were receiving updates about your own profile.

At StuckOn we’re loving this new update by Facebook, as it’ll make Facebook marketing a far more interesting, interactive and, ultimately, effective tool.

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