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Facebook adverts

Facebook tweaks ad targeting

Facebook adverts

Facebook tweaks ad targeting

Facebook is adding a brace of Custom Audience creation tools named ‘Link Sharing’ and ‘Dwell Time’ to its line up in order to further help those running ad campaigns.

The latter enables you to take a closer look at the users who may have looked at your ads on Facebook or Instagram, but have yet to act on them, and ‘Link Sharing’ lets you focus on people who have actively engaged with the content you have put out there by sharing it.

The usefulness of Dwell Time is yet to be fully understood. It’s impossible to know why a user has momentarily engaged with your ad, but then paused. However, if it has caught their eye and they’ve taken a moment to read it, the chances of conversion are measurably higher. Sometimes, a small nudge, such as the offer of a discount, is all it takes to make a sale.

Dwell Time and Link Sharing, which were reported by Matt Navarra of The Next Web, are the latest in a series of improvements Facebook has made to the options contained in its Custom Audience tool in an effort to improve the response to its ads.

In July, it added Instagram Retargeting. This allows users to list the number of people who watched a portion of video (based on percentage or time) look at people who had opened, partially completed or not submitted a form, and lastly, list those who have interacted with their profile page in any way. Although Facebook’s aims to target ads at its users are high, the same attention was never quite given to Instagram. However, this new suite allows the creation of more customised ads, along with increased potential for working with influencers.

Given that Facebook has access to a vast amount of data, providing users with more options really makes sense; after all, the better the tools, the more people will spend on ads.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out for the company, given the recent negative press about how groups in Russia used the platform to influence American voters during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Despite this concern, it’s easy enough to see just how effective Facebook ads are when used to their full capacity. Combined with retargeting, which increases the potential for conversion by around 70% in some cases, it’s clear to see the potential of these new tools.

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