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Facebook tops the social networks in 126 countries

Facebook tops the social networks in 126 countries

According to the latest statistics released, Facebook is the top social networking sites in 126 countries. The figures were released in the most recent “World Map of Social Networks” produced by Vincenzo Cosenza in June and December every year. The report is compiled using data from Google Trends for Websites and Alexa.

The latest report reveals that Facebook is the favourite social networking site with 126 countries, which also includes Uganda. There are over 901 million active users on Facebook, spread out over a large number of countries. For businesses which export products and services it is crucial to make Facebook a part of their search engine optimisation campaign, whether they are based in Chester in the UK or elsewhere in the world.

A total of 137 countries were evaluated, revealing 232 million users in Europe, 222 million in North America and 219 million members in Asia. Other social networking sites also got a mention, as LinkedIn, Twitter and Badoo look to take second place.

Twitter and Badoo are popular in Europe, with the sites battling it out for second place. There are some countries where Facebook isn’t as popular, including Iran, Russia, Vietnam and China where most areas have banned the social networking giant. Some of the other countries have alternative social networking sites which are more popular. In China, QZone is a popular site with 560 million members. In second place China has Tencent Weibo which boasts 337 million users.

Just over a year ago, Facebook was the most popular social networking site in only 119 countries out of a possible 134.

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