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Facebook to enable users to edit typos

Facebook to enable users to edit typos

Social-networking site Facebook has announced that its users will now be able to edit their comments, regardless of when the comments were made. The site previously only gave users a short window of time in which to make changes, meaning that comments made in error either had to remain or be removed completely by the user.

One advantage of the new feature is that it allows for spelling errors and other small mistakes to be corrected without everyone being notified. Previously, if a comment was deleted and then re-posted without an error, everyone else who had commented on the thread was sent a notification message. The ability to make quick edits to messages will be welcomed by many Facebook users, including companies and organisations which often have very lively threads with many comments.

Improving the format for businesses using social media

Minor errors are the bugbear of organisations and article writers everywhere, as they can make online communications look unprofessional and can attract ridicule and criticism. Outsourcing has become a popular option, including outsourcing social media content, which is often the content that attracts most attention for a business due to its interactive nature.

Of course, as with all features on social media sites, simply editing a comment doesn’t mean that the mistake is gone forever. Facebook will allow other users to look at the history of an edited comment, so the original typo will still be visible to anyone who cares to go looking. However, the ability to tidy up comments without notifying everyone is still a positive change for many Facebook users.

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