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Facebook to clean up ‘Likes’

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Facebook to clean up ‘Likes’

It was recently announced that social networking giant Facebook is to remove the ‘Likes’ of deactivated accounts from its pages.

In a move that may affect a large number of the site’s business users, the total number of likes per page is likely to drop. However, the new figure, it is hoped, would be a more representative reflection of how many people are truly engaging with companies on the platform, which would help with their internet marketing analytics.

Any account that has been manually deleted by the user will be cleaned from the page like figures, along with those attributed to people who have passed on.

According to TechCrunch, the social networking firm expects that the owners of business profiles will only see a “slight dip” in the total numbers of followers and likes. However, depending on how many fans the pages already have, this could potentially mean that thousands of users could be purged from the company’s statistics.

A similar move was carried out on Facebook-owned Instagram in late 2014, which saw the number of followers for many of the accounts drop by as much as 15%. However, it is predicted that the Facebook like clean will not be as severe, as reportedly the platform does not have as much of a problem with spam accounts.

Although some firms that are using the site for internet marketing efforts may take a slight knock to their ego if their numbers drop too far, it is believed that they will still have a much clearer picture of how well they are actually doing socially.

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