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Facebook thumbs nose at Google over Gmail contact info

Facebook thumbs nose at Google over Gmail contact info

Facebook and GoogleFacebook has made a response to Google’s decision to disable Gmail’s exporting of contact information. The social media giant has offered users who want to search for friends through their Gmail address book a work-around by allowing users to download it to their computer before uploading it to Facebook.

In the latest spat between the two firms, Google stated that as Facebook did not share any data it held reciprocally, they would disable the process that allows users to look for friends in their Gmail address book from automatically happening.

Both firms have taken recent steps to enable users to share their data between devices, such as Smartphones, laptops and iPods, as well as move it around the web. However, with 500 million users and counting, Facebook is one of the most sought after sources of user information, and one of the most selective about who it allows to share in it.

Lately, Facebook was in the news for striking a deal with Microsoft to allow its own search engine, Bing, access to its data.

Research firm Ovum’s senior analyst, Mike Davis, said:

“This is Google waking up to the fact that it was the next big thing and that now Facebook is.”

“Its 500 million contacts and links are absolute nirvana for advertising executives and Facebook is a lot closer to its customers. Google is probably the biggest data repository in the world but it doesn’t have that all important social interaction.”

Facebook’s deal with Microsoft could have implications for search engine optimisation companies. Most SEO jobs carried out by specialists are tailored primarily for Google, but this deal could make Bing a factor within SEO.

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