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Facebook shares tips for effective video ads


Facebook shares tips for effective video ads

In a new report, social media giant Facebook has shared tips businesses can use to put together video ads that are more effective.

Facebook has revealed that, according to its research, video is the leading format for businesses to use to reach their customers. In addition, it found that, for every US dollar invested in a Facebook Ad that uses video, 39% more sales could potentially be made compared to a static ad.

When it comes to the video itself, Facebook’s research uncovered that the quality of the ad creative is the most significant factor in its performance – 70% of the possible return on investment (ROI) comes from the video design, with the remainder being driven by elements such as placement and targeting.

In order to help advertisers make the most of their video ads, Facebook has released 11 tips they can use to improve video ad creatives. These have been split into two categories – Best Practice and Highly Recommended.

Best Practice

Facebook has defined the Best Practice category as criteria every advertiser should aim to meet with their video ads.

1. Format for mobiles – ads should be created for mobile, as this is the platform most people will use to view them. Facebook video ads should use a 4:5 vertical format, with Instagram ads using a square format.

2. Ensure relevance without sound – the video should be put together so that viewers can both understand and enjoy it with no sound necessary, especially as ads are autoplayed on Facebook without sound, meaning advertisers can’t rely on it to capture attention.

3. Focus on the service or product – in order to avoid confusing potential customers, the main focus of a video ad should be the business’ product or service.

4. Have an individual focus – an individual video ad should have a single focus that is communicated clearly.

5. Include branding – business branding and messaging should be displayed near the start of the video ad to help with customer retention.

6. Get straight to the message – to make it easy for customers to gain key information and to ensure nothing important is missed, the ad’s message should be towards the beginning of the video.

7. Make use of movement – Fast edits or movement at the beginning of a video ad can help to capture customers’ attention, increasing the chances of them watching the whole ad.

Highly Recommended

The Highly Recommended category features tips that Facebook says aren’t necessary for all video ads, but can enhance their quality, and advertisers should experiment with them where possible.

8. Be succinct – ads that contain concise messages and are short and succinct are more likely to be effective than longer ads.

9. Use unique storytelling – as Facebook users tend to only view a small portion of a video ad, advertisers should attempt to tell a story with their ad messaging that begins with an impact and concludes shortly after.

10. Keep interest – by including surprises and twists in a video, the attention of viewers is more likely to be held until the ad’s end.

11. Be visual – close up shots of features or details and the use of bright colours can help to create visual interest with the audience and can help to show a product or service more effectively.

By using these tips, businesses can get more out of their Facebook ads and help to drive conversions. Alternatively, have a chat with our Engage Web team today to discuss handing over the creation and management of your Facebook Ads to us. We offer Facebook Ads set up and management packages that can boost your return on ad spend.

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