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Facebook releases new ways to earn money with video


Facebook releases new ways to earn money with video

Facebook is introducing new updates to help those who create video content earn more money through the social network.

There are three types of video ads available on Facebook – live, gaming and in-stream. Making money from these on Facebook is available to pages that fulfil certain eligibility criteria, which has now been updated.

In-stream ads

In-stream ads are not available to users with personal profiles – they can only be used by pages that have a minimum of 10,000 followers. The updated eligibility criteria now means pages can run in-stream ads if they have five or more video uploads and, in the past 60 days, have had a total of 600,000 minutes of video viewed. These views can come from any type of video uploaded.

Expanding ad options

In addition, pages are now able to run ads on videos that are just one-minute long – previously, ads were limited to videos that were at least three minutes long. With the update, a 30-second ad can be shown. For videos longer than three minutes, pages can now put mid-roll ads – ads that play in the middle of the video, as opposed to at the beginning – after 45 seconds, instead of the original one-minute mark. This will help businesses make money, as the sooner an ad can be displayed, the more likely people are to watch it.

Live streams

The requirements for ads on live streams have also been updated. Alongside the criteria for in-stream ads, pages must have had a total of at least 60,000 minutes viewed live on a video within the last 60 days.

Further to this, Facebook is expanding its option to make money directly from viewers of content, which is called “Stars”. Stars is, in essence, a digital currency, which Facebook users can purchase with real money and can then send to content creators during a live stream. These creators will then earn a portion of the revenue they have made from their Stars. This feature is set to be eligible for creators in 15 more countries, and the social network is also set to begin testing Stars for non-live videos in the next few weeks.

In addition, Facebook has announced it’s investing in this Stars option and will be gifting users with free Stars they can send to content creators of their choice. To make sending this currency more enticing, Facebook is expanding on the badges senders of Stars receive and is making comments sent alongside Stars stand out in the live chat.

Businesses and content creators can see if they’re eligible for the new monetisation options by going to Facebook’s Creator Studio.

These new options are just some of the many ways businesses can make money via advertising online. If you’d like to talk about advertising on the web, contact our team at Engage Web today.

Emily Jones
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